Design-Thinking Approaches to Connecting Consumer Voices With Measurable Actions

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Koeerü: Design Thinking + Custom VOC Solutions

Koeerü is a design-thinking consulting firm specializing in voice-of-consumers (VOC) technology solutions.

We help clients understand their customers better through a five-step design process involving all stakeholders, from client marketing and management teams to the client’s core users. Our main areas of focus include:

Global Consumer Research

Cross-Border Business Insights

Customer Experience Consulting

VOC - Oriented Digital Marketing

OUR DESIGN PROCESS Understand client and user needs and pain points through interviews and discussions with all key players 01. Define the problem 02. Test and revise based on client and user feedback 05. Ideate the idea flow 03. Develop a custom MVP prototype from our library of existing solutions 04.


A Tourism Association

Koeerü developed a Voice-of-Consumer feedback system for the tourism industry in Kamakura, Japan. Combining a feedback system with charity donations, tourists can make an impact on local stores and restaurants while also contributing to charities.

An African Social Enterprise

Koeerü is working with partners on a project for JICA Tanzania to develop a Smallholder Horticultural Empowerment and Promotion (SHEP) system that digitally connects farmers and buyers in a digital marketplace.

A Global VOC Measurement System

Koeerü worked with partners to develop a multinational voice-of-consumer collection system for a major Japanese organization. Collecting feedback from over 22 countries, Koeerü’s solution worked beyond normal language and cultural barriers.

Company Information

Koeerü Inc.

A Design Consulting Firm specialized in the development of global VoC solutions aimed at optimizing ROI for VOC marketing.
System development partner: Koeerü VN

CEO Michael McDowell

March 11, 2021
682-6 Ishifudonocho Shimogyo-ku Kyoto-shi Kyoto, 600-8047, JAPAN
+81 (0) 50-5534-3621


How We Got Our Name

Our name is a reflexion of our vision: a design thinking consulting company specialized in crossing borders.

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