Tourism Experience Platforms

Understanding the Needs and Wants of both Tourists and Locals

Koeeru’s Tourism Experience Platforms help businesses not only visualize the opinions of tourists and employees, but also directly link these opinions to optimal actions for improved loyalty.

Utilizing a variety of touch points, our systems continuously collect loyalty indicators, including NPS and satisfaction scores, and visualize action points on customized dashboards—leading to optimal customer experience measures.

From Digital to Digital Transformation

Not Just More Tourists, but Happier Tourists and Communities

Smart tourism-related businesses and organizations realize that the key to success is not just increasing tourist numbers, but delivering amazing experiences that bring tourists back again and again.

Koeerü's tourist satisfaction platforms not only connect with tourists at multiple touchpoints, but deliver the information that tourism-related businesses and organizations need to create engaging experience that increase wallet share and promote repeat visits.

How is voice of consumer data related to the tourism industry?

The decision to visit a place, to stay in a hotel, or to enjoy a particular restaurant is influenced by multiple factors—from price and ease of access, to online review sites and influencers. Koeerü's ability to collect and connect tourist feedback at multiple touchpoints allows organizations to learn how tourists feel before, during, and after their trips.

Solving the Problem of Not Enough Data

Traditional customer satisfaction surveys collect data at only one point of the customer journey—after the purchase is complete. Many times, those motivated to participate are either the extremely satisfied or extremely dissatisfied, leaving out the silent majority. This leads to an incomplete picture of what motivates tourists, and leaves businesses and tourist organizations wondering what visitors and locals really want.

In contrast, Koeerü connects tourists, businesses, and local governments together before, during, and after their trips, ensuring two-way communication and feedback that goes beyond a one-time transaction.

How does Koeerü manage data and make sure it is accessible to all stakeholders?

Delivering information to the right person, at the right time, based on real tourist feedback and insights.

Increase Buy-In through Better Insights

While developing our solutions, countless hotels, restaurants, and tourism organizations have told us that the problem is not a lack of data, but a lack of buy-in at the organizational level. Koeerü takes this problem seriously, and by interviewing key stakeholders up and down the organizational chain—from individual front desk staff to regional managers—we design customized systems that take each individual’s needs into consideration.

Gone are the days when software is difficult to use, or only beneficial to those at the very top.

How does Koeerü turn data into personalized action?

Delivering information to the right person, at the right time based on real tourist feedback and insights.

Turning Data Collection into Measurable Actions and Results

When taking the next step, from Insights to Action, having faith in your data is vitally important. Koeerü uses zero party data, or that data which is voluntarily provided by the user, as the key element for providing that faith. Data collected can be used a number of ways, from automated calls-to-action, to proven persona creation for marketing automation and targeting.

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