Koeerü + Kamakura: A Smart City System Demonstration

August 8, 2022

A System that Allows Tourists and Residents to Donate to Public Health Charities by Answering Surveys

With the initial cooperation of CHABAKKA TEA PARKS, a Japanese tea store based in Kamakura, we have begun a Koeerü system demonstration project. During the project, local residents and tourists will be able to easily donate to a public health by answering questionnaires at stores and facilities they visit. We would also like to announce that we are now accepting applications from facilities in Kamakura that are also interested in participating in this experiment.

Outline of the Experiment (Japanese Only)

The Koeerü system allows residents and tourists to respond to questionnaires via QR codes placed at lodging, dining, and tourist facilities that have endorsed the project, and to provide the facilities with feedback on their services and messages of support for the facilities. In return for sending customer feedback to the facility and participating in the questionnaire, 50 yen per answer can be donated to a public health charity.

Donations to charity are not borne by survey respondents or participating facilities, but are rather paid for by 3rd party institutions utilizing anonymous response results that do not identify personal information.

This is a community-integrated VOC platform that allows customers to raise their voices through surveys, local businesses to collect these voices, and institutions to use these voices to work together and contribute to society.

For more information about this demonstration experiment, please visit the following URL: https://kamakura.koeeru.com/index.html

Merits for Participating Facilities

Participating facilities will be provided with a free dashboard to visualize the survey results

Graphs and data that show customer feedback at a glance can lead to timely actions that reflect customer feedback. There are also questions related to infection control, which can be useful for understanding how people view the infection control measures at your facility. You can view this information anytime with a smartphone or computer.

Example of the Dashboard

Individual Facilities Can Customize Questions Based on Visit History

“Which is your favorite type of cake?” or “How often do you get massages?” QR codes can be issued exclusively for individual facilities, so they can create their own original questionnaire, contacting us if they have more questions. Facilities can also distinguish between first-time visitors and repeat customers, and display a customized message according to the history of visits.

Merits for Residents and Tourists

By answering a survey, you can donate to one of the following charities:

  • Kamakura City Covid-19 Support Fund
  • The Japan Foundation Covid-19 Support Fund
  • Kanagawa Prefecture Covid-19 Medical Worker Support Fund

Respondents are asked to select one of the above options at the end of the survey, and one response = 50 yen, which will be donated to charity. Respondents will be able to contribute to society without actually having to pay for the survey themselves.

Show Support and Give Messages to Your Favorite Shops

Surveys are anonymous and can be delivered directly to the stores. We would like to ask for your participation if you have a desire to support stores, facilities, or the city of Kamakura during these trying Covid-19 times.

We are also looking for partner companies in Kamakura who would like to support this project and are willing to participate in the demonstration experiment. We would like to collaborate with local companies that have contact with customers in Kamakura, such as transportation facilities, event organizers, and real estate companies, as the platform is not limited to lodging, food and beverage, and tourist facilities. We plan to introduce the participating companies on the Koeerü website.

If you are interested in this project or would like to learn more, please feel free to contact us.

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