Koeeru Builds Industry-Specific
Customer Data Platforms for
Collecting, Connecting, and
Communicating Consumer Insights

  • Hamee Corporation

    We are working with Koeeru to visualize customer behavior and results from advertising. By seeing the difference between what we assumed and the actual data collected, we were able to clarify what we were missing. In the future, we would like to work together to increase the number of touch points based on the visualized information, and to further optimize our advertising for better sales and profits.

    Shun Akiyama, DX Promotion Department MGR

  • Bluemoon Marketing

    Working in travel industry marketing, I know how important it is to have a user experience that works well in multiple languages. Koeeru's system is intuitive and easy to use for even the non-technical and allows for a high degree of customizability, so that every client feels their platform is unique.

    Ayako Noda, CEO


Taking a design thinking approach, Koeeru builds industry-specific Customer Data Platforms that put users first, from Voice of Consumer data collection, to integration, analysis, and ultimate use.


Koeeru’s Customer Data Platforms use design thinking methodology to solve real problems in both product and workflow design

    • Conduct interviews and exercises in empathy to see our clients and their customers with new eyes
    • Define the critical issues that reduce the cost effectiveness of current marketing or CX solutions
    • Ideate, or brainstorm, ideal Customer Data Platforms based on the current situation and feedback from users
    • Work with the client to progressively build prototypes to solve to problems
    • Test the prototypes with real users, receiving their feedback throughout the agile development process


Koeeru co-creates our Customer Data Platforms with partners who have successful track records in their given industry.


Koeeru is an IT startup that develops customer data platforms focused on the voices and opinions of citizens and consumers.

Using design thinking methodology, we develop our in-house VOC products and provide unique DX solutions to customers' data issues.

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