Project Manager Recruitment

August 8, 2022

Koeerü Inc., a Japan and Vietnam-based startup focused on the development of Voice-of-Consumer platform solutions, is currently recruiting for Project Manager positions.

Details of the Position

We are currently looking for web system project managers who can be entrusted with the design and development of new and exciting voice-of-consumer projects. These include projects for major government entities like the JETRO and JICA, tourism boards like the Tohoku or Nagano tourism associations, and major Japanese corporations. Initially, new hires will be assigned to existing projects, where they can learn about design thinking, our company projects and products, customer needs, and how projects usually progress. It is expected that with time, project managers will be able to work as design consultants and project managers for new clients and projects.

Required Skills

  • Web System Project Manager Experience (at least 3 years)
  • Experience in translating client needs and system requirements and features
  • Experience working with Japanese clients in Japanese (fluent Japanese language skills)

Additional Skills

  • Negotiation skills with multiple internal and external stakeholders
  • Experience with coordinating and organizing projects

Team Size

Each project has a team of 3-5 people, in both Japan and Vietnam

Working Location

Koeerü’s Kamakura Office

Working Expectations

140-180 hours/month


  • 560,000 to 810,000 JPY / Month
  • 15 days paid vacation a year
  • Full social benefits package
  • Stock options available after 2 years of employment

Company Message

Koeerü is a fast growing startup with offices in Kyoto, Kamakura, and Hanoi, Vietnam. Although we are a new company, we already have multiple contracts with the government and major corporations. Additionally, our company has been selected by the Cabinet Office for an overseas acceleration program, and we have continued to experience rapid expansion despite Covid-19 or recent downturns in the tech industry.

Our company is international, with an American CEO and Japanese staff with overseas work and study experience. We also have an office in Vietnam, so all of your work will be in a global environment.

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