Inside Koeerü–Employee Interview: Cuong Ngo

What is it like to work at a growing startup like Koeerü? With an international team in two countries, we are probably a bit different from most Japanese startups. To give an idea of what it’s like, we are conducting a series of interviews with Koeerü employees. First up is Cuong Ngo, an IT Team Leader in our Hanoi office and one of Koeerü longest serving employees.

Cuong Ngo, IT Team Leader

Born in 1992. Majored in banking at university. After graduation, he worked in the banking industry for two years before joining Koeerü.

Please introduce yourself.

Interviewer: Sho Furuta

My name is Cuong. I was born in 1992. My university major was banking. I used to work in banking for 2 years, and after that, I entered Koeerü. I’m not sure about my official position right now because it is mixed but I may be a technical leader. It’s not different from other members, or other teams, but most of my tasks are doing engineering things, and developing a lot of products. Besides, as an engineer, I join other team members. When I entered Koeerü, there were only limited members, and we couldn’t work the way I wanted to. As our team grew over the years, we started to develop new products and services.

Why did you choose to work at Koeerü?

Because Koeerü is a startup company, the environment is flexible, and it is especially good for creative people. We can apply anything in our imagination. I used to work in banking for 2 years. The environment was very different then. I prefer this style of the company. Besides when I was talking with Soji, I was impressed with his knowledge, his plans for the company, and everything about the business. So, I decided to join Koeerü.

Regarding the working style in Koeerü, what difficulties have you faced?

Koeerü is not quite new but it’s still a startup company, so we play many different roles. For example, as an engineer, I handle some IT jobs, but I sometimes also do PM tasks. There are many different kinds of work in a single position. That is the difference from the environment in a regular company.  When we have a lot of things to do, we cannot concentrate on one thing. We only have a limited time and have so many things to do. That is the difficulty of working at Koeerü. But I think it can be improved.

What are the best parts of working at Koeerü?

I think I said before things such as being able to apply my creativity. I also think one of the best parts of Koeerü is my colleagues and everyone in the company. I can learn a lot from them. Everyone is friendly. We are not only a company but also a big family.

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