Announcing the Integration of Syno Japan and Koeeru

November 15, 2023

Bringing Syno Japan’s Global Research Know-How to Koeeru’s Data Platforms

Koeeru Inc. (Head Office: Kamakura, Japan; CEO: Soji Nagano) is proud to announce that it has completed the integration of Syno Japan Inc. on October 1st, 2023. From this date, Syno Japan will operate as Koeeru Global Inc. and the combined companies will work towards bringing Syno Japan’s know-how in the global marketing research and CX fields to Koeeru’s voice-of-consumer data platforms.

Background to the Integration

First established as a Japanese subsidiary of the Lithuania-based UAB Syno International, Syno Japan has developed a name for itself across Japan in the global marketing research, customer satisfaction, and digital marketing fields.

Koeeru Inc. was first established by Soji Nagano and Michael McDowell (the firm’s current COO) in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, and specializes in customized consumer data platforms, including customized platforms for tourism organizations, large B2C enterprises, and government agencies.

By integrating Syno Japan’s market research and survey conducting know-how with Koeeru’s technological abilities, the combined companies hope to provide a one-stop support solution for clients: from the collection of market research and CX data to its processing and use.

Koeeru’s Future Outlook

In addition to strengthening our global marketing research products, Koeeru aims to further improve our data platform business by integrating data from across departments and industries. This includes the smooth integration of our platform with clients’ existing core systems and databases through customized development, allowing for the “real customer voices” obtained from our system to be cross referenced with client internal information, external open data, and research. This approach will provide deep insights into underutilized internal data, and allow us to offer clear data utilization proposals going forward.

Furthermore, to effectively market the integrated services of both companies, Koeeru has created a Customer Experience as a Service (CXaaS) business model, combining SaaS functionality with built-from-scratch development, including internal collaboration. This model aims to provide a high degree of customization flexibility to meet specific customer needs while maintaining the benefits of rapid service deployment and cost-effectiveness associated with SaaS.

Koeeru is committed to resolving data challenges and dissatisfaction with expensive existing systems, proposing solutions that maximize cost performance and the effectiveness of data utilization. The goal is to further pursue customer satisfaction in the Customer Experience (CX) field through the integration of our global VoC data business and the resolution of challenges in cross-border and DX (Digital Transformation) businesses.

**VoCDP = Voice of Consumer Data Platform

Comments from Soji Nagano, Managing Director and CEO of Koeeru

Syno Japan’s global research services, with their Nordic origin, over the years have been adapted to the needs of Japanese clients, not only in terms of the system used, but also in how we deliver results. By integrating these solutions into Koeeru’s VoCDP, we are confident that we can create new value for clients, assisting them along a digital transformation journey. We will continue to support our clients efforts in collecting consumer feedback, as well as striving to solve their cross-border and customer experience challenges.

About Koeeru Global Inc. (Formerly Syno Japan)

  • Company Name: Koeeru Global Inc.
  • Establishment: January 15, 2016
  • Representative: Soji Nagano, CEO
  • Location: Yamaguchi Building 3F, Oogigayatsu 1-8-1, Kamakura, Kanagawa 248-0011
  • Main Business: Development and operation of a global survey solutions, provision of digital marketing solutions

About Koeeru Inc.

  • Company Name: Koeeru Inc.
  • Establishment: March 11, 2021
  • Representative: Soji Nagano, Managing Director and CEO
  • Location: Yamaguchi Building 3F, Oogigayatsu 1-8-1, Kamakura, Kanagawa 248-0011
  • Main Business: Support for global research, development and operation of Customer Data Platforms (CDP)

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