Case Study: Tourist CX Survey System for Tochigi Prefecture’s Tourist Exchange Division

Business Overview

Tochigi Prefecture’s Tourist Exchange Division is working to improve the recognition of Tochigi Prefecture among foreign visitors to Japan and to promote the prefecture’s various attractions to visitors.

Business Challenges

One of the long-standing issues facing Tochigi Prefecture is how to improve its recognition amongst tourists. In addition, there is the new issue of how to recover inbound tourism demand, which has been greatly affected by the spread of Covid-19, after the borders open up again.

Our Solution (Written by Koeerü)

Koeerü has developed the Tochigi Prefecture Tourist Survey Platform, a survey system designed to collect data from tourists, including foreign visitors to Japan, and to be used by Tochigi Prefecture in developing its inbound tourism policies. The survey platform is designed to allow researchers to conduct face-to-face surveys using applications on mobile devices, such as smartphones or tablets, in order to continuously and in detail understand the needs of tourists, including foreign visitors, to Tochigi Prefecture.

In addition to face-to-face surveys, non-face-to-face surveys can also be conducted using QR codes placed at accommodations, tourist facilities, and tourist information centers in Tochigi Prefecture, as well as via email and messages on social networking services, which do not require interaction with a researcher. The system can be also be a self-service CMS for a series of tasks, from questionnaire creation and distribution, to data analysis, sharing, and user management.

Finally, the Tochigi Prefecture Tourist Survey Platform can continuously collect detailed tourist experience data by conducting tourist surveys before, during, and after trips. By utilizing the independently-collected tourist experience data, it is possible for Tochigi Prefecture to design measures that meet the needs of tourists at each stage of their visit as well as those to acquire repeat visitors who are highly satisfied with their visits to the prefecture.

Solution Results (Comments from Tochigi Prefecture)

After numerous meetings, Koeerü was able to flexibly respond to requests for functions that we had not initially envisioned, making it possible to analyze data that would have been difficult with conventional paper-based or outsourced surveys. We feel that we have achieved more than we had initially anticipated.

Future Challenges and Prospects

We will continue to use the system and consider measures based on an analysis of various types of data. We also hope to be able to share and utilize the data not only within the Tochigi Prefectural Government, but also throughout Tochigi Prefecture, including cities and towns. In the future, we would like to change the question from, “Where is Tochigi?” to “Oh, that Tochigi!” We would like to make Tochigi a tourist destination where people naturally start talking about it.

Since Koeerü specializes in the building of survey tools, they were able to understand exactly what we intended, and we were able to proceed with the project smoothly and in a stress-free manner. In fact, they were proactive in making further suggestions based on our requests, so we were able to leave the project in good hands.

Ms. Yasuno, Tochigi Prefecture Tourist Exchange Division

If you are interested in Koeerü’s tourist experience solutions, please feel free to contact us.

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