Announcing “Koeeru for Global,” a Marketing Research Service with Global Consumer Reach

April 19, 2023

Supporting businesses seeking to understand overseas consumers, whether inbound tourists or online shoppers

Koeeru Inc. is proud to announce the launch of a new global marketing research solution that utilizes the Voice of Consumer (VOC) data collected from panelists across the globe. With inbound tourism to Japan increasing the post-Covid era, and with the weak yen revitalizing Japan’s export industries, we have seen increasing need from our clients for inbound and cross-border marketing research, data that can be integrated into our larger VOC platforms.

Through Koeeru’s proprietary global marketing research system, Koeeru for Global, clients will be able to quickly conduct inexpensive qualitative and quantitative market research–targeting not only inbound tourists and overseas shoppers, but also Japan’s growing overseas population. With this research, companies can evaluate product concepts, pricing and advertising strategies, and consumer sentiment quickly and accurately from their base in Japan.

Cross-border businesses, whether those targeting tourists or those looking to sell to shoppers overseas, have an increasing need to collect primary information about global consumers. Whether companies want to understand diverse and rapidly changing consumer needs to create new products or services, or to launch marketing campaigns that distinguish them from their competitors, traditional desk research or marketing research white papers aren’t enough.

To date, traditional methods for collecting this kind of primary research has included:

  • On-site research through actual visits to the target destination, including collecting data through exhibitions, store visits, test marketing, etc.
  • Requests to market research firms, who will conduct online quantitative research utilizing their overseas market research panel networks.

However, these methods have a number of challenges, including:

  • The cost and time burdens are high.
  • It is difficult to conduct global marketing research when such research targets niche audiences or requires users to actually try the products.
  • Many have trouble selecting the best research methods, as well as research design and analysis, when they are generally unfamiliar with overseas conditions.

Koeeru for Global Strengths

Koeeru’s new global marketing research solution has solutions to the above problems:

  • Access to a global panel network of more than 100 million people in 150 countries, as provided by Koeeru’s strategic partner, Syno Japan Inc.
  • Koeeru’s own touchpoints, including a fan community of Japanese food, Tabeeru (https://tabeeru.com)

Through maximizing the use of both of these solutions, Koeeru’s new global marketing research solution “Koeeru for Global” allows clients to conduct (1) cross-border quantitative and qualitative market research, (2) product and advertising creative testing, and (3) CLT research by sending actual products to potential users via mail or at venues.

  1. Market Research: Quantitative and qualitative market research to understand the target audience for both cross-border e-commerce and for businesses inbound tourists visiting Japan. This research can be used to understand target demographics and to promote your business to overseas markets.
  2. Product Concept Testing: Present product concepts to the target audience and determine whether the concepts the company wishes to convey are accurately communicated, including the testing of purchase intention, concept acceptance, price appropriateness, and translation and packaging evaluations.
  3. Content Evaluations: Within surveys, show video, audio, or image content to the target audience to ascertain content user opinions on content, comprehension, length, localization, and other areas for improvement. Home use tests, where the product is mailed to the target audience and used for a certain period of time, are also offered.
  4. Centralized Location Tests: For those who would like to conduct CLTs to have overseas tourists try and evaluate their products, we offer time in our office across from Kamakura station, one of the most popular tourist destinations in Japan.

Koeeru for Global Pricing

Pricing for Koeeru for Global begins at 200,000 JPY for a license to use our software. Additional services, including translation, survey creation, scripting, and panelist fees, vary project to project. If you would like a specific estimate, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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