Announcing Our New Kamakura Headquarters

July 10, 2023

Koeerü Inc., a startup that develops global customer data platforms based on the collection and utilization of consumer opinions and insights, announces that we have moved our headquarters to Kamakura City, Kanagawa Prefecture. The move better positions the company as it begins offering its fourth CDP solution in e-Commerce.

Since the company’s founding in March of 2021, we have used design thinking methodology to solve our client’s needs. From voice of consumer collection to analysis and use, we have combined customized data flows with agile development to overcome barriers from data collection to use in the following fields:

  • Smart Cities: Regional development platforms for local governments and tourism organizations that incorporate the voices of stakeholders, such as citizens, tourists, and local businesses. By co-creating our platforms with stakeholders, we aim to create smart cities that solve regional issues through increased local development and tourist promotion.
  • CX/EX: To improve our client’s customer experience (CX) and employee experience (EX), we have built platforms to streamline the process of collecting, analyzing, sharing, and taking action on loyalty indicators, such as NPS or satisfaction scores. Our CX/EX platforms have been specialized for a variety of industries, from travel and tourism to retail and B2B organizations.
  • Social Enterprises: Our social enterprise platforms solve social problems in developing countries through improved data literacy and DX transformations, from data collection to analysis and use. Our company was selected by JICA’s Open Innovation Challenge 2020 to develop a market-oriented agriculture marketing platform for Tanzanian farmers.

While continuing to develop the above solutions, we are also happy to announce that Koeerü has been selected by JETRO for a small and medium-sized export business POC subsidy, where we will design, develop, and launch a cross-border e-Commerce CRM system based around design thinking principles.

Until now, much of our CDP development has been in partnership with Syno Japan Inc., a Kamakura-based strategic partner of Koeerü. With our own personnel and client base increasing in the Kanto area, and with the urgent need to expand our resources for the full-scale deployment of our e-Commerce CDP, we have decided to open our own Kamakura office and move our headquarters there.

Koeerü’s New Office:

Address: Yamaguchi Building 3F, Oogigayatsu 1-8-1, Kamakura, Kanagawa 248-0011

Telephone: 0467-38-4220

Website: https:koeeru.com/en/

Our business model was created when our previous employer faced a fall in revenue due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Thinking about our clients, we realized that the best way to promote digital transformations is to use design thinking and a co-creation model—one that truly listens to the voices of customers. Opening an office in Kamakura, where our original ideas were first born, brings us back to those days. Going forward, we will continue to co-create DX solutions with our customers.

Soji Nagano, Koeerü’s Chief Design Officer.

Whether it is from our existing Kyoto and Hanoi offices, or our new office in Kamakura, Koeerü will continue expanding its CDP business, solving client data issues both here in Japan and overseas.

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